Dakar 2018 – Stage 5

The last day in Peru on soft sand dunes. The motorcycle riders need to cover 678km on this stage. The race is getting tight, the Hondas are coming up and there are only 19 minutes between the 1st (JOAN BARREDA BORT) and the 9th (RICKY BRABEC) rider.



KLR Ramblers ride – January


Happy New Year to every adventure rider! We hope, the holidays were awesome for all of you and everyone had a good time with the loved ones and could manage to pull off at least one good ride during the holidays.

Since our November ride was kind of incomplete, this time we will hit the Port Waikato roads again,  but from opposite direction then lat time. The route can seem to be a bit tricky on the map, but I named the way-points to help you navigate through the track easily.

You are starting the ride at 010S (S for “start”) and will finish at 260E (E for “end”).

You just need to follow the way-points in sequence and do what it indicates.

  • 070R – Do a right turn at this intersection
  • 080C – Continue straight at this intersection
  • 090R – Do a right turn at this intersection
  • 100L – Do a left turn here

… and so on.

The details of the ride

  • Date:20 January 2018
  • Time: 10 am
  • Meeting point: Pokeno – Pokeno Fuel Stop (Corner of Great South Road and Market Street) You can adjust the tire pressure and top-up your fuel there if need to.
  • Where are we going? See the details below.
  • How are we going to ride? We are expecting you to be able to navigate through the ride on your own by using a map or with a GPS if you have one. (Files and information for both means of navigation are provided below.)
  • The whole ride will take approximately 3 hours and will cover roughly 153 km gravel and sealed road.
  • The way back from the end point to the petrol station is roughly 55 km. Make sure you have enough petrol to cover a total of 210-220 km road at least.

There will be one auxiliary rider. He or she will leave the start last and will be the last in the pack. You can also contact the auxiliary rider on mobile-phone if need. We will select this rider later and share the phone number with you at the start.

Be prepared to ride on gravel (in various conditions) and sealed public roads. All kinds of bikes are welcome not just KLR650.

Save the date on your calendar and download all the information what you need.


GPX file

Click here for the GPX file.

See my earlier post on how to download the file if you need some help.


If you are riding with us, we will assume, you have read, understood and accepted our “Legal disclaimer”. Click here to read the legal stuff.


Dakar 2018

One of the yearly big “adventure” motor-sport events is the Dakar Rally. The 2018 race will dash through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. In this rider and machine testing event, there will be three riders on Kawasaki motorcycles. We all know, you could do the Dakar Rally on a KLR 650, but you would not stand a chance to win it, and maybe you would look for an early finish of the race, because not being able to complete stages within the available time limits. The KLR 650 is a donkey, it will do almost everything and take you everywhere, but for the Dakar, you will need a race horse.

For three riders, the choice of weapon is the Kawasaki KX 450 F.

Kawasaki KX 450 F

Of course the necessary modifications were done to make it work on the 14 days and 9000 km race, where 4500 km will be raced against the clock.

Patricio Cabrera from Chile did race the Dakar in 2017 and with the help of Kawasaki Chile, finished in the overall 33th position. Patricio will race again in 2018.

Patricio Cabrera

Cristobal Andres Guldman Gonzalez, a fellow countrymen of Patricio, also participated in the 2017 race and finished in an overall 65th position with th help of RPM- Marcelo Sánchez. We will see him at the start of the 2018 Dakar Rally again.

Cristobal Andres

The Dakar race also not new for Emiliano Carbonero from Argentina. He finised the 2017 race in the overall 62nd place with the help of the RPM Kawasaki Team. He also will dash trough the start line of the rally this year.

Emiliano Carbonero

We wish not just a successful race for the three Kawasaki riders, but a good time as well.

You can follow the 40th edition of the Dakar Rally on the official website and the web pages of the competitors, but I will try to give a regular summary of the motorcycle related events here as well.