KLR Ramblers ride – May

The details of the May ride as follow:

  • 20 May 2017
  • Time: 10am
  • Meeting point: Puhoi Domain car park, as usual.
  • Where are we going? See the details below.
  • How are we going to ride? We are expecting you to be able to navigate through the ride on your own by using a map or with a GPS if you have one. (Files and information for both means of navigation are provided below.)
  • The whole ride will take approximately 3 hours and will cover roughly 110 km gravel and sealed road.

Starting from Puhoi and heading South-West on Krippner Rd, Tahekeroa Rd and Makarau Rd.
Right turn to Burnside Rd then right again on West Coast Rd.
Left turn at Old Woodcocks Rd. Left at Kaipara Flats Rd then follow Tauhoa Rd.
Left turn to SH16 then left turn to Kaipara Hills Rd. Tracing back Old Woodcocks Rd and West Coast Rd then turn left to Ahuroa Rd which will lead us back to Puhoi.

There will be one auxiliary rider. He or she will leave the start last and will be the last in the pack. You can also contact the auxiliary rider on mobile-phone if need. We will select this rider later and share the phone number with you at the start.

Be prepared to ride on gravel (in various conditions) and sealed public roads. All kinds of bikes are welcome not just KLR650.

Last month someone asked if the ride is suitable for a rider with pillion passanger. If you did ride gravel roads with your loved one on the pillion before, this route isn’t going to be a challenge for you.

Save the date in your calendar and download all the information what you need.

The map:

The GPX file:

Click here for the GPX file.

You must read and accept our “Legal Disclaimer” before joining to the ride.

Click here for the legal stuff.


I don’t bring up this topic every week or month, but this is the time for my yearly reminder to bring the spotlight on the importance of wearing a full face helmet all the time when you are on the motorcycle.

Instead of bringing up stories from fellow riders and studies from scientists, here are three pictures as reminder this time.

Please be safe all the time.

MC mod

There is a mod from Eagle Mike, dubbed as the MC mod. In this mod, the exhaust cam has been advanced with one tooth (counter clockwise). They are claiming 7%-10% torque and horse power increase thanks to this mod and no downsides. No more oil or petrol consumed.

This last statement is a bit strange for me, because you cannot get extra performance out of thin air. This made me curious about what is in the background of this mod technically.

The engine is going through the four strokes as:

  1. Exhaust
  2. Intake
  3. Compression
  4. Combustion


Looking at a camshaft, the sequence would be as follows:

  1. The exhaust lobe pushes open the exhaust valve and the piston comes up to push the exhaust out, then starts to close.
  2. The intake starts to open, just as the exhaust is closing, piston goes down, and the intake valve closes.
  3. Then both valves stay closed for the compression and combustion strokes.

This means that the first lobe to come through the rotation will be the exhaust lobe, immediately followed by the intake lobe.


Overlap is the point where the exhaust valve is closing, and the intake valve is just opening. To increase overlap, you have to RETARD the EXHAUST, and/or ADVANCE the INTAKE.  To reduce overlap, you have to ADVANCE the EXHAUST, and/or RETARD the INTAKE.

In our case, the MC mod is reducing the overlap between the operation of the exhaust and intake valves. In cam tuning it is known to increase low RPM power, and causing no change or reducing the high RPM power.

From the point of an outsider (me), looks like when the exhaust valve closes earlier, no air/fuel mixture can escape through the exhaust valve and also, maybe, a bit higher pressure will be present in the cylinder when the piston starts to move upwards.

For me, seems that there is no “negative” effect of this mod, because the extra power is earned from saving a bit of air/fuel mixture by not letting it escape through the exhaust valve, but I don’t have real experience in internal combustion engine tuning. If you find my logic faulty, please let me know and we can discuss it and I will update the post accordingly.

Here is a video of guys doing the MC mod.


April ride report

Since I could not make it to the ride, Anton was the road captain this time. Here is the account of the ride from him.

Thank you for organizing this ride! Combination of the route, the time of the year and the weather, made the scenery very beautiful.
From my arrival at 9:30 till start of the ride at 10:30, turned up quite a few attendees, me, my self and I, just to name a few. Through the whole ride, there was only three or four splashes to give a dust free experience. It’s become even more amazing when after each splash the sky was clear and sunny with some high clouds. On top of that, fresh autumn air supported by trees and their dropped golden leaves turned almost every corner into an artist’s painting.
Once I got back to Puhoi a short shower went through, giving time to have a snack and wash all dirt from my bike. What a great service!
I’ve never seen such a beautiful autumn in New Zealand.

Here are a few pictures from the ride if you are interested.

Click on the thumbnail images for the full size pictures.


Finally I had the time to process all the pictures from the ride on 08/04/2017 and put it here on the blog. Technically it was not a KLR Ramblers ride, I just tagged along. We had a loads of fun and I am sure, everyone learned something useful there. We did all sorts of exercises like breaking, safe cornering, down-hill, up-hill riding and so on. A big thank you going to Joao for organizing this ride.

Click on the circles for the full size picture.