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We will keep the rides on the third Saturday of every month, but the time, location and length of the ride can be changed. Please fill out the form below and if you have more to say, please do not shy away from using our contact form to let us know your thoughts.


February – Ride report

The KLR Ramblers Ride was held off-road in February. Our visit to the Thundercross Valley Bike Park was both fun and a learning experience for three of us. I always knew the KLR is a mule. It can do almost anything on its own pace and it was proven again.

We started on the beginners’ loop since none of us had real off-road experience. It was a very good introduction and helped us to put into practice what we already read somewhere or others told us and figured out a few other things, literally, on the go.

That rounds on the beginners’ loop also helped us realize the limitations of our motorcycles. For me, the biggest realization was the importance of the tires. My rear tire turned out to be completely rubbish in muddy sections, so I did not follow Anton and Herman on the more advanced tracks. I will write about the tires in a separate post.

I think we will return to Thundercross for more fun and to keep our off-road skills relevant in the future.

Here are a few pictures about our ride. Click on the thumbnail images for the full-size pictures.

A.R.G.O Project

A.R.G.O. is the abbreviation of Adventure Riding Gravel Overjoy and an adventure motorcycle trail is hiding behind this cheeky name. The trail is traveling through the North Island on New Zealand, from Cape Reinga to Wellington, and using much as possible scenic gravel roads and even if it is not possible, the route is staying on the countryside far away from highways and heavy traffic much as possible.


The trail is a result of ideas and suggestions from people gathered on the Adventure Riding NZ forums, and the work of a handful of enthusiast who did put together the pieces and did ride the trail in sections.

Click here for more details, maps and GPX files.


Ride from Auckland to Wanganui

I had four days on my own to spend it on the motorcycle. I used this opportunity to ride from Auckland down to Wanganui.

Since I have ridden the Port Waikato area many times and posted a lot of pictures about it, I started to take photographs just at Raglan.



Sometimes I needed to stop to admire the glorious gravel roads waiting for me to ride.


Glorious gravel roads

Meet the grader machine. It turns the gravel roads to dirt roads for you. :-)


Meet the grader

Obviously, later it will be covered with fresh gravel and compacted.


Freshly graded road

Exciting landscape ahead.


The gravel road begins here (again)

I have found important to have regular stops to refresh myself.


Rest stop

The route cut through a very diverse landscape. My personal favorites were the ones traveling through forests.


Forest route

On long rides in remote areas, you need to have a good plan to refuel from time to time. Gas stations are scarce in some areas.


Morning fuel stop

Traffic jams are common everywhere in New Zealand, but I don’t mind this kind of traffic jam.


Morning traffic jam

I did travel some rarely used farm roads, no need to say these leads through the most beautiful or interesting sections.


Rarely used road

Taumaranui did look like a ghost town.



One of the rest stops to refresh myself and snap a couple of pictures.


Afternoon rest stop

The first glance of the Ruapehu.



Fishers Track was one of the highlights of this trip, but don’t do it alone.


Fishers Track

Close to halfway. The Wanganui River.


Wanganui River

The Wanganui River Road is a sealed road but there are enough roadworks on it to keep it interesting.


Wanganui River Road

King Country with its restless hills.


Restless hills

The Forgotten World Highway (SH34) is one very common element of motorcycle tours. Mostly sealed road with a short gravel section.



An almost empty town, Ohura. with only 120 or so residents.



A lovely spot to stop. Looks like a 17th or 18th-century romantic landscape painting.


Landscape with waterfall

There is no road trip in New Zealand without rain. Here is one which just passed by.



And finally back to the Waikato area.


Waikato area

Here is the route I did from Auckland down to Wanganui.




KLR Ramblers ride – February

15/02/2018 10:00- The ride is on! I just did talk to James and the conditions on the tracks are good and as we expect a good weather for the next three days, we will have the ride at Thundercross Valley Bike Park.


The details of the February ride as follow:

  • Date: 17 February 2018
  • Time: 10 am
  • Meeting point: Thundercross Valley Bike Park (See the details below.)
  • Where are we going? Nowhere :-) We will ride there on the tracks of the park.

Have you thought about riding the 42 Traverse, the Fishers Track or one of the similar, more technical routes? This is a good opportunity to bring your adventure bike to an off-road test and practice in a controlled environment with the fellow adventure riders.

The location will be the Thundercross Valley Bike Park. Thundercross is conveniently located 90km from central Auckland. Set in 750 acres of easy rolling to the steep countryside in the Franklin District, the Park boasts breath-taking scenery that has featured in television commercials and movies. Click here for the location on the map.

The entry fee is $30 for an adult (please bring cash). Women and girls can ride for free. You can choose from the learners, trail/enduro, and the MX tracks according to your skill set.

If you are not confident to ride your own motorcycle on the tracks, you can hire one, including protective gear. Click here for the prices.

What you need are approved helmet, boots, gloves and you will need googles because of the dust. Back protection is a good idea. There is a full range of gear available for hire at $10 an item, or $50 for a full set.

Your choice of tire is up to you but you will find that unless you have a tire of a semi knobbly pattern you will really struggle.

This event depends on the weather and the track conditions. I will talk to James Fowlie on 15 February and post here if we are good to go or the ride is postponed.

Please register on the Adventure Riding NZ event website so we (and James) will know how many of us will ride.

Don’t forget to bring your sandwich and we can have a lunch there together.

If you are riding with us, we will assume, you have read, understood and accepted our “Legal disclaimer”. Click here to read the legal stuff.