September – Ride report

Just got an email with a few pictures from the September ride.

11 rider and one pillion rider turned up at the starting point. The weather was brilliant and according to the feedback I have got, everyone had a good time on Saturday. Here are a few pictures from Herman.

Click on the thumbnails for the full-size pictures.


Sync the Planet 2017 ride report

While on the northern hemisphere the timing is perfect for this ride (The middle of of a summer weekend), until here in New Zealand we are “battling” with a winter night. :-)

Putting the bitching aside, the ride was awesome! All of us were wearing enough layers to keep us warm and proper safety gear to stay visible.

We were also very lucky, because the weather was dry and clear and the almost full waxing moon was casting a thin silver layer over the scenery, and made it appear almost unreal at some spots.

We could take a few pictures only at the meeting point.

Why did I think the flash on my camera will be enough???
Long exposure made it better…

It was truly a memorable ride and we will do it again in 2018.

You can also expect an article about the experience of riding at night in the next few days.

June – Ride report

We have got good weather, as it can be good at winter time. Started in a light drizzle, then some “proper” rain, some wind, sunshine and finally a drizzle again. The road conditions were just as “colorful” as the weather. We rode through on roads which were just enough wet to keep the dust on the ground, roads with pools of water, muddy roads and even some dry and dusty roads.

Finally, when we arrived to the coffee shop at the end of the ride, all motorcycles were covered with a healthy layer of mud, dirt and dust, and all five of us had an ear to ear smile.

We need to say thank you to John to recommending this route and being the road captain at this time.

If you missed out on this ride, you can join us on the next KLR Ramblers ride (15 July).

Here are a few pictures I snapped on the ride.

Click on the thumbnail images for the full size pictures.

May ride report

Despite the unstable weather eight of us gathered at the Puhoi Domain car park Saturday morning.

We had everything during the ride. Wet road, dusty road, drizzling, medium rain, heavy rain, sunshine and wind in all sorts of strength. We even run into a convoy of the New Zealand Military Vehicle Club on Kaipara Hills Rd.

I can say all of us had both fun and challenges on this ride, it was a really an adventure.

Thank you for all of you to coming along on this ride.


Ps.: Mr Bond did not turn up finally. I guess he could not find a helmet in Q’s gadget storage….

April ride report

Since I could not make it to the ride, Anton was the road captain this time. Here is the account of the ride from him.

Thank you for organizing this ride! Combination of the route, the time of the year and the weather, made the scenery very beautiful.
From my arrival at 9:30 till start of the ride at 10:30, turned up quite a few attendees, me, my self and I, just to name a few. Through the whole ride, there was only three or four splashes to give a dust free experience. It’s become even more amazing when after each splash the sky was clear and sunny with some high clouds. On top of that, fresh autumn air supported by trees and their dropped golden leaves turned almost every corner into an artist’s painting.
Once I got back to Puhoi a short shower went through, giving time to have a snack and wash all dirt from my bike. What a great service!
I’ve never seen such a beautiful autumn in New Zealand.

Here are a few pictures from the ride if you are interested.

Click on the thumbnail images for the full size pictures.