Dying breed

Are “real dual-sport” riders are disappearing and the big bore, single cylinder motorcycles, like the KLR 650, a dying breed?

Everide put together a short, but very informative video on this topic. I would be very interested what do you think. If you feel so, you can send your thoughts to us through our contact page.

Here is the video.


If the weather is not suitable for a ride on the weekend, you are welcome to visit the KLR Ramblers online apparel store. Grab something for your loved ones or for yourself, and show to the world your affection towards your ride. :-)

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Before you would ask, what is happening with the profit, the store is non-profit. Any gain on sales (if there will be any) goes towards operational costs or recycled into the KLR Ramblers rides.


The summer is steadily fading out in New Zealand. Some would ask, “Did we have a summer at all in 2017?  Although this summer was shorter and more rough than we like, we definitely had good summer rides this year.


The most memorable, at least for me, was our Port Waikato Rally, and I can announce the winners of the lucky draw now.

Anton, Herman and Matthew won a one of a kind KLR Ramblers t-shirt. I am sending an email to you guys to ask for the size and delivery address.

KLR Ramblers ride – March

Welcome to the very first KLR Ramblers Rally!!! (This is not a race.)

You really need to keep reading on to avoid any misunderstanding.

  • When: Saturday, 25 March 2017
  • Start time: Any time, as you feel comfortable
  • Starting point: Pokeno – Pokeno Fuel Stop (Corner of Great South Road and Market Street) You can adjust the tire pressure and top-up your fuel there if needed.
  • Where are we going: Nikau Cave Coffee
  • How are we going to ride: This is the best part, keep on reading!

We are going to ride in rally style. The rules as follow.

  • You start riding at the “Start” point and finish at the “End” point. Alone or team-up with buddies, up to you.
  • You must navigate through 5 (five) way-points between “Start” and “End”. This makes your route a complete 7 (seven) way-points (Start-WP1-WP2-WP3-WP4-WP5-End). This is absolutely up to you which 5 (five). Not more, not less. There are at least 6 different routes, all between 58km and 75km. Chose your route, start time and pace according to your abilities, bike, road conditions and the New Zealand Road Code. You don’t need literally ride through the way-points, sometime it is not possible because the inaccuracy of the maps or your GPS, just pass by them.
  • You need to record your route and send it in a GPX file format to the klrramblers@orcon.net.nz address later. Make sure, the GPX file includes date and time stamps not just the coordinates (so we can make sure you did ride within the speed limits all the time). If you don’t have a GPS, you can search for an application on the Appstore or Playstore, suitable for your mobile phone, to log your route. I can recommend (in the next post) a few applications what you can run on your mobile phone for route logging.
  • The fix time in this ride is the meeting at the Nikau Cave Coffee. I will be there from 12pm to 1pm at least. We can have a coffee, discuss our choice of route, motorcycle riding related topics, farkles, and everything else. We will ride back to Pokeno together sometime after 1pm, as we feel good, and decide on the route together.
  • This is an all weather event :-)

If your GPX file have proven, you did comply with all the rules, you stand a chance to win one of the 3 mystery prizes (something small and symbolic, don’t expect big stuff). I will do the lucky draw on Sunday, 2 April 2017. Make sure I will get your GPX file not later than Friday, 31 March 2017.

What if you are not interested in the whole “rally” thing? Don’t worry, meet us at the Nikau Cave Coffee,and let’s spend some time together. This is not a race, but a friendly ride.

Riding the rally or just coming along, all good, but make sure you have read our legal disclaimer!

Here is the map with the way-points:

You can download the GPX file with the way-points here:
The GPX file with the way-points.

You must read our Legal Disclaimer here:
Legal Disclaimer.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form.