Dying breed

Are “real dual-sport” riders are disappearing and the big bore, single cylinder motorcycles, like the KLR 650, a dying breed?

Everide put together a short, but very informative video on this topic. I would be very interested what do you think. If you feel so, you can send your thoughts to us through our contact page.

Here is the video.


I don’t bring up this topic every week or month, but this is the time for my yearly reminder to bring the spotlight on the importance of wearing a full face helmet all the time when you are on the motorcycle.

Instead of bringing up stories from fellow riders and studies from scientists, here are three pictures as reminder this time.

Please be safe all the time.

Doing something good

We are not just enjoying the summer and the festivities in December, but December is also the time when we are more charitable than usual. As we are more keen to redirect the cost of a pair of handlebar raisers towards organisations who are helping those who are in some kind of need. As motorcycle riders we are more open to help motorcycle related projects. If you are not sure whom to help, here are some ideas.

My personal favorite is the Motorcycle Relief Project. War is hell, does not matter which side you are on or it is justified or not. Helping those who made through war alive, to get back  to “normal life” is a noble case.

There are a number of more directly healthcare related projects. Blood Bikes is a project to help transport anything what can fit on a motorcycle between hospitals during night time or when other means of transport or courier service is not available.

Motorcycle Outreach is assisting governmental and non governmental organisations with healthcare delivery in rural areas. Motorcycle Outreach supports an established project in Indonesia. “Health for All” provides primary healthcare transport for a catchment area of over fifty thousand people living in over fifty villages.

As one popular song goes, “Youth is the engine of the world.” , and how true it is! SPARKPLUG is an exciting and innovative project offering alternative education, training and youth work for young people.


There are a number of charity rides on New Zealand as well. The Kiwi Biker forums are a good starting point if you would like to find a ride in your area.

I could not find any New Zealand charity which is more directly related to motorcycles but you can donate to St John’s. They are running an ever growing motorcycle fleet to reach people in need in a timely manner.

If you know any motorcycle related charity in New Zealand, let us know through the contact page and we will add it to this article.