Time for the summer rides…

…at least here on the southern hemisphere. :-)



The future of adventure motorcycle riding

On the 2017 NZ Motorcycle Show we saw the future of adventure motorcycle riding. I am not talking about technical advancements, new motorcycle models or brand new gadgets. All these does not really matter. We saw the new generation, who can become adventure motorcycle riders. We need to make sure, these little guys will remain interested in adventure riding and we are organizing events and rides which will includes them. I definitely would not mind (I would be happy actually) to step aside in a few years and let the young ones carry on with organizing events, rides, and re-discover the world.



Adventure in history

…or the history of adventure riding.

It all started with riding giant badgers in 1910’s. It was quiet an adventure for sure. Some people still doing it with the same spirit, just changed the slow and difficult to handle giant badger to a BMW R1200GS. :-) Just joking, don’t be offended!


It started with riding giant badgers in 1910

Back in 1920’s practically it was an adventure or off road ride everywhere, due to the lack of paved roads.


Douglas motorcycles in Esztergom, Hungary, 1920’s

Then around the world trips started. Do you know what is that awful big box on the front of the motorcycle? Motion picture camera. :-)


1930’s – Robert Fulton Jr

The 1940’s brought a very different kind of motorcycle adventure.


German soldiers on motorcycle somewhere in Europe in 1940’s.

In the 1950’s, whatever you had, you rode it everywhere.


A ride in the 1950’s

The 1960’s brought us specialized adventure machines.


It started to look familiar in the 1960’s

In the 1970’s our dads and grandfathers took us on motorcycle adventures.


Father and son in the 1970’s

The 1980’s is the rise of the Paris – Dakar, and we started to dream about going to Africa for a tour.


1980 Paris – Dakar race

We already lived and done these adventures in the 1990’s.


1990 Suzuki DR with adventure gear

Since 2000’s we still ride these bikes and doing those rides again and again.


This is our age since 2000

And we will not stop.


While we are slowly getting through the “winter” here on the southern hemisphere, the guys on the top half of the planet are enjoying the summer much as they can.

If you had enough of the cold and rain, check out this summer ride video to warm your heart at least, while your riding gear is drying. :-)


I don’t bring up this topic every week or month, but this is the time for my yearly reminder to bring the spotlight on the importance of wearing a full face helmet all the time when you are on the motorcycle.

Instead of bringing up stories from fellow riders and studies from scientists, here are three pictures as reminder this time.

Please be safe all the time.