Dakar 2018 – Stage 11

Today was the second marathon stage of Dakar 2018. The route stretched over 746 km of terrain with a 280 km special timed section. Different from previous stages, the vehicles were released on the road in a mix. Cars, motorcycles and trucks alternately in 3 minutes intervals. Battling the white sand dunes almost all day, the riders will spend the night without mechanical assistance and carry on tomorrow morning. The least impacted will be the riders in the “malle moto” class in my opinion.

Malle Moto is a class for riders, who compete without a team of mechanics. The literal translation means “motorcycle trunk”. There are less than 20 riders in this category and Lyndon Poskitt is one of them. After riding all day, they need to do the servicing of the motorcycles with only tools can be packed into a relatively small box.


I think these riders carry the original spirit of the Dakar rally.

Here is an article from Lyndon about malle moto.

Check out all the action for motorcycles in the official stage 11 video.



Dakar 2018 – Stage 10

After the cold climate of the mountains back on hot sandy dunes in stage 10. Stage 10 covers almost 800 km (795 km) with a 372 km  timed special section.

Multiple navigation errors from other contestants and accidents allowed Matthias Walkner to win the stage with sharp, spot on navigation.

Check out the stage summary video below for all the action and drama.

Dakar 2018 – Stage 9

Due to extremely muddy conditions and rivers oweflowing on the stage 9 route between Tupiza and Salta, the organisers have decided to cancel stage 9. Stage 7 and 8 was long and testing for both men and machine, they did not want to throw the contestants in a situation which cannot be win without heavy losses. The Race will continue with stage 10.

Dakar 2018 – Stage 8

After the long and trying stage 7, stage 8 is another extra long section. An overall 584 km with a 498 km timed special section. The top 5 rides are spread out only on a 6 minutes and 46 seconds.

These top five riders completed stage 8 on an average of 105-108 km/h speed. Do not try to match this speed on our January KLR Ramblers ride this weekend.

Dakar 2018 – Stage 6

New country, new terrain. The race transitioned from the hot sand dunes of Peru to the rough and cold mountain roads of Bolivia. The contestants also moved from sea level to a 4700m altitude, which has a perceptible impact on the engine performance.

Honda is becoming a serious contender in the rally. On stage 6 there was only 1 minute 13 seconds gap between the first KTM and the fourth Honda enclosing another Honda on the 2nd place. On the overall ranking, Kevin Benavides took over the lead with his Honda CRF 450 Rally.

Dakar Rally insider

While the official YouTube channel of the Dkar Rally gives a spectacular overall view of the race, a lots of details remain hidden. If you are interested in what is happening behind the scenes and on the saddle of a motorcycle. Check out Lyndon Poskitt’s vlog. Lyndon has a daily update on what is happening in the race from inside.

Loads of FPV (first person view) footages, details ont he race, information and comments.