KLR Ramblers ride – August

The details of the August ride as follow:

  • Date: 19 August 2017
  • Time: 10am
  • Meeting point: Wellsford, Caltex petrol station. (Where SH16 merge into SH1)
  • Where are we going? See the details below.
  • How are we going to ride? We are expecting you to be able to navigate through the ride on your own by using a map or with a GPS if you have one. (Files and information for both means of navigation are provided below.)
  • The whole ride will take approximately 2.5 – 3 hours and will cover roughly 140 km gravel and sealed road.

There will be one auxiliary rider. He or she will leave the start last and will be the last in the pack. You can also contact the auxiliary rider on mobile-phone if need. We will select this rider later and share the phone number with you at the start.

Be prepared to ride on gravel (in various conditions) and sealed public roads. All kinds of bikes are welcome not just KLR650.

Save the date in your calendar and download all the information what you need.


The GPX file:

Click here for the GPX file.

If you are riding with us, we will assume, you have read and accepted our “Legal disclaimer”. Click here to read the legal stuff.