Picture project

Thank you for all the pictures and support, we have the big picture, and the map is “fully loaded” now.

You can see the real thing at the AdventureRidingNZ stand, at the Motorcycle Show.


The New Zealand’s Adventure Riding community will set up a stand on “The New Zealand Motorcycle Show” on the weekend of 16th and 17th of September 2017.

Just like last year, we will try to make the stand interesting and informative as possible.

This was the 2016 display.


This year, beside the motorcycles, banners, displays and many of the good fellas who will turn up to attend the stand for a longer or shorter period of time, we would like to launch a “picture project”.

The goal would be to show off the diversity and popularity of adventure motorcycle riding.

The plan is to have pictures from adventure motorcycle riders from all over the country and paste these over a large size New Zealand map.

Something similar to the image below.


Obviously the final arrangement will depend on the number of pictures we got.

I already got a large size laminated New Zealand map.


What we need from you:

  • Email us a picture.
  • The picture is need to be shot by you (to avoid copyright issues).
  • Have one or more motorcycle and/or adventure motorcycle riders on it. If the picture has been taken on a ride is perfect, if it was taken in your backyard/garage also perfect.
  • Motorcycle make, model, size or cc doesn’t matter, just make sure the picture is reflecting on the spirit of adventure motorcycle riding.
  • The picture need to be close to 1500x2100pixel  (roughly 3 megapixel) in size, so it will look good either in 5×7 or 4×6 prints (depends on the number of pictures we will put on the map).
  • Do not send more than 2 pictures. We would like to display the diversity and popularity of adventure motorcycle riding, not someone’s photo album.

The pictures need to land in our “Inbox” before the 11 September 2017, so we will have enough time to print the photos and prepare the display.

I really hope the map will be “fully loaded”.  :-)