Sync The Planet 2017

Here are the details of the KLR Ramblers ride for the Sync the planet 2017.

When: Meeting at 05/08/2017 9:30 pm. Starting the ride 10:00 pm sharp, because everyone all around the word start at that time. Would be silly not be in sync…

Where: We are meeting at the G.A.S. petrol station on Dairy Flat Rd near the Coastville-Riverhead Hwy intersection. See the map or the GPX file for the details.

Where are we going: Practically it is a ride around the Riverhead Forest, clockwise.

Here is how are we going around:

  • The start of the ride is the G.A.S petrol station on Dairy Flat Rd, near the Coastville-Riverhead Hwy intersection.
  • Left turn to Coastville-Riverhead Hwy intersection.
  • Follow Coastville-Riverhead Hwy then right turn to Riverhead Rd.
  • Keep going straight on Deacon Rd. This is a tricky intersection, pay attention!
  • Right turn to Old North Rd.
  • Right turn to Peak Rd.
  • Right turn to Kaipara Coast Hwy (SH16) and immediately another right turn to Kahikatea Flat Rd.
  • Follow Kahikatea Flat Rd and a right turn to Dairy Flat Hwy.
  • Heading back to the G.A.S petrol station on Dairy Flat Rd, near the Coastville-Riverhead Hwy intersection where we started the ride.

The map:

The GPX file:
Download the GPX file from here.

The ride will take approximately 58 km on sealed road, and need 1 hour to complete it.

Since we are going to ride in the dark, you must be sure, all your lights are working and highly recommended to wear a hi-viz safety vest if you have one. Even I will wear one.

This time we will ride as a group.

Obviously, if raining cats and dogs we will cancel the ride, but a light drizzle will not stop us. I will keep checking the weather and put a “no go” sign on the site if the ride is cancelled not later than 8pm. Check the website before you leave home for the ride.

You must read and accept our Legal Disclaimer before joining the ride.
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