Group ride on a bigger scale

I have seen the Sync The Planet  promo video off from Tyler’s (Everide) YouTube channel (or got there from his channel somehow). As we are enjoying our KLR Ramblers rides a lot, I was thinking, would be nice to ride virtually together with motorcycle riders from all around the world.

Sync The Planet is an annual synchronized motorcycle ride where riders
from all across the world unite to ride together at exactly the same time. All in support of each other as motorcyclist and Global unity.

This ride is on the first Saturday of August in every year. Since the ride is starting at Saturday, 12 pm (GMT+2) Paris time, it would mean a Saturday, 10 pm start in New Zealand on the 5th of August.

If you are interested, let us know through our contact page, and we can bring together a one hour ride in the Auckland area. For more detail about Sync The Planet, check out the website of the event and/or watch the video below.