Update on the Easter Tour

Due to a last minute work arrangement, I will work during all four days of Easter and I am not able to make to the Easter tour.

I still put together an itinerary for all of you who willing to go.

In the plan the route starts and ends in Auckland, but obviously you can join or leave it as it suites you. I am sure you will work out all the details between each other.

So here are the details:

Start from Auckland on the Friday, 14/04/2017. I would recommend an early start to beat the holiday traffic and have enough time to stop and refresh on the route a few times.

The destination for the first day is the Waikaremoana Holiday Park. You can book a cabin or tent site there as you prefer. The route will be 388 km and planned fuel stop can be in Rotorua, roughly at half way. This route will take you through Te Urewera which is said to be a beautiful ride.

The second day (Saturday, 15/04/2017) will take you on a 320 km route to Opotiki. This section is going through the stunning Motu Road. I would recommend to stay at the BBH Hostel Beach House. Great, quiet and clean location. If you prefer to stay in a tent, the Island View Holiday Park is opposite to the BBH Hostel. A recommended fuel stop is in Makaraka.

The third day (Sunday, 16/04/2017) is about to get home to Auckland. The route is 329 km with a recommended rest and fuel stop in Tauranga.

You can download a GPX file from here, with all the route and way-point information, ready to upload into your GPS.

Since this site does not have a forum section, you can discuss all the details on the related Adventure Riding NZ forum.

I really hope you can make it to the ride and will enjoy it.