Imagine a perfect world for dual-sport adventure riding.

  • There are roads to get from A to B, some sort of road at least.
  • There are significant gaps between roads, or you need to do side trips off road.
  • The weather is dry, so you can ride all year around.
  • The inhabitants of the land are diverse and “interesting”.
  • You aren’t just cruising, but going from A to B with a goal or purpose.

And voila! We have arrived to the “wonderful” world of Mad Max. There is high chance, you have seen the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road”. For sure you have wondered about the motorcycles appearing in the movie.

John Platt has taken brilliant pictures of these motorcycles as the Unit Stills Photographer of the Mad Max movie.


After a good look, it is evident, no one planned to win the Rallye des Pharaons on these machines. The nugatory, long swing-arms and counter productive sail like shades assures us, we will never see these in a motorcycle dealership on Barrys Point Road with a price tag on it. These are purely for entertaining and to tickle our fantasies about riding vast and barren lands.


Check out John Platt’s website for all the Fury Road Vehicle photographs, and this site for pictures from the filming locations.

In the mean time we continue to plan the KLR Ramblers ride for the 25 March. The plan is to visit the Nikau Cave Cafe, but the route hasn’t been decided yet. Give us a shout through our contact page if you have a route to recommend.