Kawasaki on the Dakar 2017

The Dakar Rally in 2017 dominated by Honda, Yamaha and KTM machines in the motorcycle category but there are three participants with Kawasaki motorcycles.

All three of them are racing the Kawasaki KX 450 F.


The most experienced is Patricio Cabrera from Chile.


He is racing the Dakar Rally since 2013 and finished the race as 84th in ’13, 48th in ’14, 33rd in ’15. Unfortunately he was need to abandon the race in stage 8 in ’16. This year after the 5th stage he is in the overall 41 position.

Cabrera’s fellow countrymen, Cristobal Andres Guldman Gonzalez participated in the 2015 race and finished in the 51st position.


In 2016 he was need to abandon the race in the 6th stage. Gonzalez is the overall 74th position after the 5th stage this year.

Emiliano Carbonero from Argentina is the rookie in the gang, since this is his first Dakar Rally. He is on the overall 85th position after the 5th stage.