Ladies and Gentleman…

…may I present to you the brand new 2017 edition of the KLR650.



2017 KLR650

What is new? Apart from the graphics and the color, nothing, (as I know). But seriously, what would you change? I know you already have so many ideas, like a slightly bigger and more powerful engine, let say a 700 or 800cc. Maybe a twin cylinder engine instead of the single, perhaps borrowed from the Versys. Many people would like to see the carburetor gone and use electric fuel injection. Some says, the breaks shouting for a significant upgrade in stopping power, maybe combined with an ABS.


Versys 650 ABS

Yes, all these are “valid” and reasonable ideas, but such changes would mean the end of the KLR650 line. Why? Because any combination of these changes would produce a completely different motorcycle. Maybe a better one, maybe a not too good one, depending on the implementation and your preference. I think a brand new model would be even more road oriented, but we already have that. It is called Kawasaki Versys 650 ABS. If you want to move towards a more dirt oriented motorcycle the KLX450R is your choice. The KLR650 already reached it’s maximum. Both in engineering design and functionality. It does perfectly what it was intended for, and if you touch anything, that would start an avalanche of changes what finally would result in a completely different bike. Just as I said it a few sentences earlier.



The good news is, there is another model year for the KLR650, and hopefully we will see more colors and exciting graphic ideas (like the digital camouflage decal) in the coming years.

Just as a side note, the VERSYS-X 300 ABS seems to be an interesting “in-between” on the US marker for 2017.

If you are looking for the 2017 KLR650, give a call to Spectrum Motorcycles.