We did not want to put the adventure in the name of this riding group at the very beginning. There were so many reasons in our mind why not. These days too many things labeled as adventure. Even the playground at the end of our street is called “Adventure Park”, and to be honest, on our occasional multi-day road trips we are rather ramblers and not real adventurers.

By the dictionary, adventure is something unusual, daring experience often involving danger and unknown risk.


We are definitely not doing that, but I still couldn’t hold it back, and you can find the word “adventure” and all sorts of references to it on this website. For a long time I could not give a good explanation to this, but a while ago I read something on Stefan Schmidpeter’s blog what really got me, and made order in my head.

When I was 17, I read these books from Clive Cussler. You know, that ones were Dirk Pitt – a tough diver with every flying, helicopter, car and ship licence available – always saved the World from a super villain. And since not all super villains gathered in his hometown, he had to travel the world. In my mind, he was an adventurer.
A decade later, my perspective almost totally changed. Now I think cyclists are the new adventurers. Well, more of civilized adventurers, since we’re not traveling on bare nature. We travel on man made roads. But to be honest, this also feels like nature, since humans are also nature.
So the picture changed, but the requirements are still the same:

  • you seek for interesting places
  • often talking to locals
  • breathing every landscape on your way
  • and climbing up the highest mountains to reach your destination

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Yes, we are ramblers and adventurers at the same time. We are the new adventurers. We have our “civilized adventures” often as we can, and we are spending a good amount of time with planning our next “adventure” in-between rides. Preparing with new gear, gadgets, farkles and enhancements on our motorcycles. We are happy to leave our comfort zone behind and ride through bumpy gravel or unpaved roads, get soaking wet in the rain and boil our own coffee at a campsite.

The KLR Ramblers are taking a break in December. We hope, you will spend a loads of time with your loved ones, and you will do the long awaited adventure ride of the year during the holidays. We will get together again for our “regular” ride on the third Saturday of January (21/01/2017) .