According to Kawasaki is working on a motorcycle AI to assist riders in connection with a few other “automated” or “smart” components. Whoa! As Howard Stark said “Everything is possible through technology”. But is it good for me?
We are already living with and using some of these technologies on our cars every day. I like these stuff in the car. My car is a tool to get me from A to B safely and quickly as possible. On the motorcycle? Although I commute on it every day, for me, it is for fun and leisure. Riding my KLR is one activity which is taking me away not just from my comfort zone, but from all the issues and head aches of the work-life.
Riding on the gravel roads around Auckland, and further away on the countryside, takes me to a completely different world not just geographically, but mentally as well. I need to work through on “problems” and situations on my own. Riding leaves no space and time for other things in my mind.

I am big fan of the new Africa Twin and one day I would like to try one, but the idea of the automatic transmission already puts me off a bit. I would not choose it. Although it is fantastic, and according to reports and reviews, doing an equally good if not better job than a human, I would like to keep “struggling” with gear shifting. I know how useful an ABS can be, but I rather ride slower and take my sweet time on the road than zipping through the curves on a breakneck speed.
Riding the KLR gives me the feeling, I have done something great or fun on my own with a pile of metal and a few liters of recycled dinosaurs. I would like to keep it this way.