Lost and found (Part 1)

When you are riding a motorcycle alone and on the back country roads most of the times, better if you make sure, you can call for help or signal someone in any kind of emergency.

New Zealand is a fairly big country with many uninhabited remote parts. When you are out on the sea, you still can get good mobile phone coverage a few km away from the shore.


Inland it is a completely different story. Thanks to the grassy hills, valleys and mountains everywhere, technically very challenging to make not just good but any mobile phone coverage inland. Since some areas are uninhabited, as I mentioned it above, there is even not an try to give mobile coverage at some places.


So, how do you will call for help or just let your loved ones know everything is OK when you are riding in those areas?

After some research, for me, the Spot service seemed to have the best service/performance/price ratio.

The below video is nicely summarize the features of the Spot Gen3  satellite messenger.

So far not just I am happy with my Spot satellite messenger, but more importantly my loved ones too. This is a highly recommended “gadget” if you are, just like me, riding remote gravel roads alone.