Being surefooted

In our series to scrutinize the different parts, mods, improvements and farkles of the KLR650, we have arrived to the foot pegs. The stock foot pegs fitted in the factory are absolutely apposite. It does what it need to do but you cannot expect anything above the bare minimum functionality.


Personally I have not had any problem with it until I did not change to the IMS Super Stock foot pegs. What a difference! The wider foot pegs provide much more comfort on long rides and way much more stability when you are standing to push some rough terrain under your wheels.


I have chosen the IMS Super Stock foot pegs for three main reasons. The first one is silly, I want everything on my bike black. For second, I do like the aggressive large teeth, but these big teeth are rounded, so it will not eat your boots. Thirdly, the pricing is still within the “mild” range.

All the above is reflecting only my personal taste and choice. What can we choose from when we decide to get something more comfortable, flashy or practical for our ride?

Most “adventure” foot pegs are made from some kind of metal. Welded or CNC-ed. The area it can support is varies, you can make your pick. Narrow or a wider one, or something in-between.

The supporting surface also can vary widely, from aggressive teeth to a rubber surface through the mild grippy blocks at the middle way.

The available variations are almost endless and new designs are popping-up from time to time, perfecting the function or adding more sparkle to adventure bikes.


When you will decide to change your foot pegs on the KLR650, you need to be prepared for one more change. A longer gear shift leaver will work nicer with the changed position of your foot and the wider footrest, compared to the stock gear shift leaver.