Report from the first KLR Ramblers ride

Saturday morning four of us met at the Puhoi Domain Carpark just to discover, I have a screw sticking out from my front tire. Since the tire was not flat, all of us hoped that the screw is only penetrated the tire and did not reach the tube.

Unfortunately when I drove out the screw the unmistakable hiss of the escaping air made clear, my ride was over before it started and I need to organize a pickup for my bike.


Three bikes ready to roll. Can you spot the one with the flat tire?

While we were waiting for my friend to arrive with the trailer, we had coffee and a nice chat about our motorcycles, our favorite and desired farkles on our bikes, rides, motorcycling news and all sorts of other things.


No ride for me today. :-(

Such a shame, I could not ride off with the rest of the group! By 11am the rough weather of the morning has cleared and we did look forward to a nice sunny Saturday with a very few drizzle, which were expected just to keep the dust on the ground. Although the group took a slightly different route than what I laid off, I am sure everyone enjoyed the ride and had a pleasant Saturday cruise on the countryside.

We also decided to have the KLR Ramblers rides on the third Saturday of every month, so it can be planned well in advance. Keep an eye on the KLR Ramblers blog because we will post the details of the next ride soon. Until then, put the 20 August in to your calendar as the date for the next ride and take care on the road.