Because we dont know each other (yet) and unexpected things can happen during a motorcycle ride, we are happy to offer an I.C.E. (In Case fo Emergency) card to anyone who is joining us on the first “KLR Ramblers” ride on the 16/07/2016. The card is absolutely free. If anything unexpected happen, your fellow riders or the emergency response team will know, who they need to call and what medical conditions they need to pay attention to. It is generally a good idea to have an I.C.E. card in your wallet or pocket all the time.


The two sides of the I.C.E. card

Your card will be printed on thick (220gsm) paper and laminated to make it last.

Here is how can you get your free I.C.E. card:

Send us your details through the “Contact” form. Long as it makes sense we will make the card.

We will give you the card in the Puhoi Domain Carpark before we set out for the first “KLR Ramblers” ride.

Your personal details will be handled carefully and kept only while we are making the cards and it will be not handed over or shared with any third party. Once the cards are printed we will delete all your personal information from our computer.

This is what we can put on the card:

  • Cardholder’s Name (Your name)
  • Cardholder’s Contact number (Your phone number)
  • Primary Contact’s name
  • Relation to the primary contact (Spouse, Friend, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, etc.)
  • Primary Contact number
  • Secondary Contact’s name
  • Relation to the secondary contact (Spouse, Friend, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, etc.)
  • Secondary Contact number
  • Medical Information (Approximately, maximum 80 characters)

You need to send us your details not later than 12/07/2016 10pm, because the processing, printing and laminating will take about 3 days.