Lifting your bike

If you are riding a KLR 650 you have dropped and picked-up your bike more than once already. If you haven’t it was just sitting in the garage. :-)  The KLR definitely belongs to the heavy weight family of motorcycles and very likely you will not be able to pick it up like Scott Summers did with his XR600, except if you are Superman.


Just a few recommendations from different places.

  • Go for the engine kill switch. Do it soon as you can.
  • Take a couple of deep breaths, do not do anything hastily. You don’t want to damage your bike or your back (further).
  • If the bike is on the right side, put the kickstand out first.
  • Leave the bike in gear. This way, it will not roll away while you are concentrating on lifting it.
  • Have good traction under your feet. You don’t want to drop the bike again from half way up because your feet lose traction.
  • You can face the bike or turn you back to it – it does not matter. It depends on your personal preference or how and where can you grab the bike. The important thing is to lift it by standing up from a squat or some similar position. Don’t think you can do it like picking up a pen, you can only hurt your back that way.

Here is a demonstration from “grizzlypeak”.