Let’s start!

Brian and Andrew met at the road side on a sunny Saturday afternoon when they were out riding their KLR motorcycles. They had a short chat and decided to go for a ride together one day, simply because better to ride together with other like-minded people.

After a couple of rides together we have decided to invite others to our rides, so we can share experiences, talk about our motorcycles, motorcycle news, events, about our latest KLR frakles, and anything else in life.

After much talking, the first group ride is planned for the Saturday, 16 July 2016. It is rather far away, but it will give us enough time to decide on the ride and divert any other activity/duty from that Saturday.

The ride will be an easy mix of gravel and tarseal, suitable for all bikes and skill-sets in a rally touring style. Map, GXP route and maybe road-book will be provided.

The long term plan is to have one ride in every month on a fixed date, so it will be easy to plan ahead.


One thought on “Let’s start!

  1. Hi Andrew, Elle and I are keen to ride this with you for sure – other riders please forgive Elle for not being on a KLR :-)

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