Labour Weekend Rally

You can find all the details and updates here.

Update – 17/10/2017
Everyone will arrive back to Riverhead about 4pm on Monday. If you still have the energy and time, we will end the ride at The Riverhead – Portage Bar.
If you cannot make it to even to the “One Day Ride”, you are welcome to join us at the Portage Bar after 4pm and celebrate adventure riding, comradery and life together. Oh, and most importantly, we can make big plans for the next multi day ride!

Update – 27/09/2017
If you are coming to any of the rides, please book in yourself on the Adventure Riding NZ event page. It isn’t compulsory, it doesn’t cost a dime, just we will know how many riders we can expect.


Update – 23/09/2017
The name of the event is “Northland Rally 2017”
We have a t-shirt designed for the event. You can buy it here.


The next KLR Ramblers ride is on…

…21-22-23 October 2017. Yes, it is part of the Adventure Riding NZ – Northland Rally 2017. You can find the details here. We hope you will find a ride which is suitable for your skills and the time you can spare for a ride.

Get in touch with like-minded people and team up with them for the ride on the Adventure Riding NZ forum dedicated to this event.

Sunday Rambling

After the first “floating above the road” video, I did try to make a more lively video about the ride today. I hope it can make people excited about “adventure motorcycle riding”.

I know it isn’t a project which can compete with around the world documentaries, but I don’t want to do that at all.

It can still tickle the adventurer in everyone because all these, what you can see on the video is just at our door step. If you can spare 2-3 hours once in a month and put aside $3000-$4000 for a second hand motorcycle (it can be even cheaper if you are not afraid of doing some fixing and maintenance by yourself), you can ride the very same roads and much more.

I really hope you will enjoy the video.

September – Ride report

Just got an email with a few pictures from the September ride.

11 rider and one pillion rider turned up at the starting point. The weather was brilliant and according to the feedback I have got, everyone had a good time on Saturday. Here are a few pictures from Herman.

Click on the thumbnails for the full-size pictures.

Tank bag

We haven’t done a product review for a long time and this is right because we spent the time with organizing rides and riding together.I was eyeing with tank bags for a long time but didn’t take the effort to get to a higher energy level which results in action. Durin the motorcycle show, I could visit the few accessory resellers and find out, there is nothing available there what would please me.

I was eyeing with tank bags for a long time but didn’t take the effort to get to a higher energy level which results in action. Durin the motorcycle show, I could visit the few accessory resellers on the showground and find out, there is nothing available what would please me.


Since I wanted to stuff only some small things into the tank bag, like wallet, phone, camera, etc. I was looking for a small one. After doing some “research” on the Internet, I wanted the Kriega OS 6 with a tank adapter. Since all the nearby or accessible stores in NZ had only the old Kriega US 5 bags, I decided to order mine from Australia (MX Store). The Kriega OS 6 was designed to correct some design flaw of the Kriega US 5 bags, and funny enough, I could get it cheaper (including shipping) than walking into a shop in NZ and buy the old design.

So get down to the bag. I think the original design idea is following the MOLLE design line which was developed for the army and stands for “Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment”.

Since I was housebound for the weekend, I took my time to get things done properly.

The first thing what you need to do is secure two straps under your seat. It just did not go easy, the KLR presented a good mind-bending puzzle, to find not just a way to get this done, but get it done in the perfect way.


Finally, I got the two little plastic tabs sticking out from under the seat. Just in case, I put a bit of duct tape between the plastic tabs and the tank to prevent the paint being rubbed off.

Next item is to attach the tank adapter to it and drive two straps around the headstock of the KLR to secure it over the tank.


Yes, you see it correctly, it is covering the tank cap, and will need to be detached when I am filling up the motorcycle with petrol. I will find out later, how much trouble it is.

The Kriega OS 6 bag is neat and all the materials and the way of construction is convincing. It looks like something that will last, and this feeling is supported by the 10 years warranty coming with the bag.


After some wiggling and trial and error, I found the perfect place for the bag on the adapter and everything isn’t just ready for adventure now, but also looks good.


The summary of my experience is so far positive. Good materials, quality workmanship, and relatively easy installation. Let see how it will perform on the Northland Rally.



The future of adventure motorcycle riding

On the 2017 NZ Motorcycle Show we saw the future of adventure motorcycle riding. I am not talking about technical advancements, new motorcycle models or brand new gadgets. All these does not really matter. We saw the new generation, who can become adventure motorcycle riders. We need to make sure, these little guys will remain interested in adventure riding and we are organizing events and rides which will includes them. I definitely would not mind (I would be happy actually) to step aside in a few years and let the young ones carry on with organizing events, rides, and re-discover the world.